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One Common Problem of Online Shoppers
(and how Cutest solves this)
Can you relate?

  • Found a pretty dress online
  • At a renown online fashion platform
  • Refer the size measure guideline
  • Check-out at the payment gate confidently
  • Receive the delivery and anticipate yourself to look fab
  • Expectation and reality do not meet.

Yes, I can. A problem of online shopping betrayal ☹.

  1. Found a pretty dress online

I will spend hours and hours browsing all the way down on the online fashion app. To make matters worse, my OCD only makes the search for the “right one” more pressuring and intense. Fear of missing out haunts your mind because you see one by one all the best dresses with the best sizes are selling fast. A common tragic comedy for all online shoppers when festive seasons are right around the corner as you have no time to walk into a store.

  1. Renown online fashion platform

Are renown online fashion platforms not supposed to deliver what is preached? You trust the brand, your friends talk about them, you have done proper research from reading reviews. The page looks professional. Promising copy-writing, generous discounts, the ladies look good in those dresses. No need to look further, down to the rabbit hole and order away!

  1. Size measurement guideline

The whole online shopping experience feels really legitimate at this point when they provide you the measurement guideline. So, you take a measuring tape and start measuring your belly, arms, hips and thighs and draw out the line of best fit in your mind, a rough idea of which size is suitable for you (okay you kind of cheat about 1”). Feeling a little confused by multiple options of measure types – UK, US, Europe … oh, and Canada but you are Asian.

  1. Check-out at the payment gate confidently

You are at your moment of truth. Invested your time and energy searching for the “right” dress. Innocence takes over. Put all your trust, your date night, your party, your Raya dream, your secret crush in one box and flush them away with your credit card! Hurts your bank account, but it is definitely worth it. You keep telling yourself, IT IS WORTH IT. I trust this online shopping platform.

  1. Receive the delivery, anticipate yourself to look fab

Heard a doorbell or a honk like a song in your ears. The day has come, the date is tonight, your hair is done and you lose some weight (for the 1” you cheated before). Say thanks to the delivery man and cut off the parcel with a kitchen knife. The company made a really nice effort with the packaging and thank you card. You are basking in the ambiance of receiving a gift from you, for you. Pick up the dress and lay them out upright for you to see but still want to be dramatic so you keep your eyes close. You are catching feels.

  1. Expectation and reality do not meet

You open your eyes (background sound: typical horror sound effect in common horror movies). There you go, your dreams just crash and burn. What happen to this dress? The colour, the material, the design – they do not look and feel the same as what it is supposed to be.

Must have happened to many other shoppers and this needs to stop.

Let’s switch to Cutest!

Cutest is the disruptor in the fashion online shopping business, bringing expectation and reality together to solve the common problems shared by online shoppers.

Imagine, the same online shopping experience, only better.


1.Shop virtually 

Tip-top user experience online and on-app. Easy to browse and clear-cut visual of the dresses. You can really rely the site’s authenticity and honesty.


2. Alter your dress

This is the key feature of Cutest. It allows dress alteration to solve the measurement guideline deceit by a lot of online shopping platforms. ‘Cut’ them out completely from your life and alter your dress to your best fit.


3. Doorstep delivery
We learn from the pandemic corona virus event that home delivery is crucial to help us stay safe at home. The Riders will ensure to deliver your parcel safely and timely.

4. Easy return policies
They give back power of negotiation back to the online shoppers by providing easy return policies. Now all online shoppers can shop without fear of shady return policies by many online shopping platforms.

What are you waiting for? Switch now to Cutest!

Where expectation and realities meet.

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