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Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping for Fashion

As e-commerce is growing exponentially, so is the online fashion industry either through personalised branded online stores or through popular online marketplaces.

According to Datareportal, in 2019 one of the highest spendings online is in the Fashion & Beauty category with also a steady increase in 26% from 2018.

Here are some of the top online fashion marketplaces in Malaysia that you might have heard of or even shopped at:




Fashion Valet (Top women’s local fashion brands)

Carousell (Pre-loved clothing FTW)

As a shopper what are some of the common pros and cons you will face when shopping for fashion items online vs offline?


MORE Choices and Variety

Shopping for new clothes, shoes and fashion accessories online often means being spoil for choice. Isn’t that one of the best benefits of online shopping by having a whole wide range of style and brand options to choose from?

Want to try a different style that’s currently trending? (I heard retro is making a comeback) Just browse away. Fancy certain clothing brands that are not mainstream? Just search them up or even get some inspiration from the reviews online.

Let your personal fashion ideas go wild with a variety of style ideas you have online. Fashion marketplaces are also showcasing more local Malaysian fashion brands too, most of them do not have physical retail stores giving us more options to support our local fashion scene.

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Shop Anytime and Anywhere

What a better time be alive when you no longer have to leave the comfort of your room to shop anymore. All online marketplaces are open 24/7! Yes, no more long queues at the cashier and having to find parking at the mall on a Sunday afternoon.

Shout out to the lazy bumps in us out there, we can relate to checking out new release sneakers while lying on the bed or in the bathroom. As e-commerce continues to grow shopping has never been more convenient. The delivery and fulfillment time has improved, nowadays you get your purchased items on the same day itself or the next!

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It’s a Special DEAL Everyday

If you are an avid follower of the fashion scene, your social media feed and email inbox will be filled with trending fashion content and newsletters, especially latest promotions (some exclusively available online).

There’s a promotion for every occasion, 11/11, 9/9, Black Friday, Christmas you name it. Most of the time we are able to find better deals for our latest outfit collection when shopping online compared to going to the physical store. Not to mention, being able to use special promo codes and share referral codes to our friends enabling us to get more cash backs and further discounts.


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Expectations vs Reality

Now let’s face it, some of our parents would still never shop online especially for clothes, shoes and stuff they are going to wear.

Well, some of the reasons…

What if the item is fake?

What if the actual product doesn’t fit because we can’t try it first?

Yes although many online stores provide free refunds and exchange policy, it can be still a hassle to some when their received item doesn’t meet their expectations, worse still if it turns out to be totally different. (Happens sometimes, damn you, scammers)

This is especially true when you want to buy from a lesser-known online store or a new seller on marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee with not many reviews yet. How can we trust that the seller provides the items with the expected quality as mentioned as we know pictures and product descriptions can be copied, edited and faked.


Beware of Fake Reviews

Which brings me to the next con of online shopping. Fake reviews!

Most of us frequent online shoppers know that we have to do our research before clicking the check-out button. One must-do step is reading the comments and reviews about the products, such as the number of previous purchases and other customers experience with the product.

Some online marketplaces allow customers to post pictures as reviews of the clothes they received which is indeed very helpful in building trust. But just like anything on the internet, reviews can also be faked by the seller to improve their own brand reliability by creating fake accounts for “self-review” or buying reviews online.

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Missing the Retail Experience

Maybe future augmented reality technology will allow us to try on different sneakers from our phones. But just like dining in a restaurant, the experience of walking into a retail fashion store, touching, feeling and trying on the clothes can never be replicated on a screen. Even the little details like the scent of the store or the ambient music playing in the background complete the retail shopping experience.



At cutest we strive to provide the best of both worlds when shopping online for your fashion needs and wants. Providing our customers with the same convenience and experience online without having to worry about the usual problems at other online marketplaces.

We work hand in hand with international and local fashion brands to build a fashion shopping community so that you can shop virtually without losing the touch of reality. Sign up as a user for FREE today.


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